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Jackie’s First-Time classes:

01) Drop-In Single Class

$ 30.00


02) 5 Class Series

$ 125.00


03) 10 Class Series

$ 225.00


04) 15 Class Series

$ 300.00


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Welcome to CycleZone a State-of-the-Art Indoor Cycling Studio

CycleZone is the first boutique indoor cycling studio in the Akron area!

We are not a typical “gym”. Our cycling studio is intimate and limited to 20 bikes and designed to create a supportive and positive environment where no one is overlooked.

Top-of-the-line bikes with state-of-the-art technology

We guarantee to deliver an effective, efficient, fun and challenging ride that will test your limits. No matter how you show up, you’ll leave feeling stronger, empowered and exhilarated!

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Hello everyone,
CycleZone studio is re-opening! In order to comply with mandatory state requirements,we made necessary policies and procedures that will be put into place to reduce and to manage risk and ensure the safety of our members.


  • We highly suggest wearing mask before and after class.
  • Bikes will be spaced 6 feet apart. Which bring the capacity of the class to 45% only!!!
  • Plexiglass. We redesigned the studio in such that every bike will have a 3 x 3 plexiglass guard hanging from the ceiling in front of the bike, In addition a face shield will be available.
  • Everybody is excepted to take their own temperature every day Before class if you have an abnormal temperature or and do not feel 100% DO NOT come to the studio.
  • You will no longer be asked to clean your bike after class we will thoroughly clean each bike before and after class with a Covid-19 EPA Approved disinfected materials.
  • The concept of one step at a time will set limitation on the frequency of Sessions and the capacity of the class. we are going to start in the months of Summer only with 3 morning sessions. We will reevaluate coming fall.
  • Due to the small size of the class there will be wait list available, in the event that the class is sold out.
  • Please sign for the wait list and you will be contacted once a seat become available
  • We are going to enforce the 24-hour cancellation before class.


  • Do not come to class if you’re sick no exceptions!
  • Check in start 5 to 10 minutes before class if you arrive early please stay in your car.
  • Please keep all your belongings in the car or in the hallway of the studio do not bring any personal items to the spin room other than your phone (please keep on silent).
  • Please keep street shoes in the hallway. Entering the studio only with clean shoes freshly used or spinning shoes.
  • Please do not linger after class.
  • We are committed to keeping you healthy and in shape to be the best you can be ,and at the same time to maintain an extremely safe environment for you to practice.

I am excited and looking forward to seeing you again!


Get the Spivi App

Spivi Mobile App for Cycle Studio StatsSpivi® collects data from your bikes and displays: Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned Calories and Rank!

Spivi® combines the data with personal information such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates a performance report post every workout!

Using the SPIVI MetricX  APP will  help you improve your performance, guide and help you to get stronger, faster, “Burn” more calories, keep you honest and accountable at every ride.

Whether you like to compete with yourself, or others, or would like to stay honest and accountable? Our unique leader board will provide you the extra push and no pressure participation is optional with privacy option on your spivi app. You can be off the board and still get all your performance reports e-mailed to you after your cycling studio session.

  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Cycle Zone is the place for you. I started spinning 2 years ago and I was apprehensive at first, but Jackie made sure I didn't hurt myself and I love it now. I wish I started a long time ago!

    Jeff E
  • I hated spinning!!! and came to Cycle Zone at Jackie's Gym to give spin classes one last try. The experience was life changing - no cramming into a too hot room - with options on how to meet your own goals! All done with encouragement and expert advice - now I am spin enthusiast for life!

    Susan Centea
  • Cycle Zone classes empower me to challenge myself mentally and physically. I leave each class with a newfound understanding on the science and metrics behind a quality workout specific to my fitness level. Along the way, I listen to great jams in a positive classroom environment that keep me motivated for the full hour.

    Adam Zimmerman
  • Cycling with Jackie has made me enjoy cardio like never before. His enthusiasm, the music, the technology monitoring my heart rate and work done keeps me coming back, and I love it!

    Susan M
  • Get ready to be A Cycle Zone addict. 18-year spinner,

  • Cycling class with Jackie allows me to get a great workout quickly while listening to upbeat music and compete with myself to get the best numbers I can. I am able to get out of my head and get a good sweat!

    Ashley Beldin