There are many gyms and many trainers out there that are ready to do the job…

So Why Jackie’s Gym?

The answer is simple.

Anyone can run the treadmill, spin the bike, pull/push the weights…however these are just small parts of the big picture. Individuals vary from each other with their genetic make up, with their strengths, weaknesses and their limitations.

At JACKIE’S GYM, we are all about recognizing the differences in the individual, studying the Human Kinetics and its Bio Mechanics. We have been training for over 30 years and we put this knowledge to work. We developed a program that is SAFE, not only for today but also for years to come. The approach of what does not kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t work in Jackie’s Gym because sometimes what does not kill you breaks you. WE RAISE THE BAR GRADUALLY, CONSISTENTLY BASED ON SAFE AND SOUND SCIENTIFIC TRAINING PRINCIPLES.

We armed our clients with information that helps them make an on-going progressive change in their lifestyle. We are not looking for any short cuts or temporary change. At any given time we have three generations of one family training at Jackie’s Gym, which is a proven success of our longevity training philosophy.

About Jackie Banayan

At the age of 12, Jackie started boxing in the Golden Gloves program and soon became the Champion of the Lightweight Class. The next 6 years, Jackie spent competing for the National Israeli Boxing Team until, at age 18, he started his mandatory three year service with the Israeli Army. While in the army, Jackie was able to put the skills and knowledge of his past fitness training to good use as the Fitness Trainer for the troops. Every day, from early morning to late at night, he would motivate the men through a rigorous and demanding program. During this time, Jackie’s passion and commitment to a career in fitness training became clear.

Jackie then attended Wingate College and studied Exercise Physiology and specialized in Clinical Posture with expanded knowledge in Human Kinetics and Bid Mechanics. Four years later, after completing his undergrad, he went to work for the Hyatt Hotel and was hired as their Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and soon launched his own personal training business in 1987. After two years in business Jackie’s thirst for knowledge and his “you can never know enough” attitude brought him to the United States where he began working on his Masters Degree. He attended the University of Akron and studied Exercise Physiology, specializing in Cardiac Rehabilitation and then completed an internship at Summa Akron City Hospital in the Cardiac Rehab Department.

In 1991, Jackie became the Fitness Director at the Akron Jewish Community Center and developed a series of Personal Training Programs for their members. After an inspirational one on one meeting with spinning creator and phenomenon, Johnny G, Jackie brought the area’s first “Spinning Studio” to Akron, OH.

In early 2001, Jackie opened his private studio, Jacob’s Superior Kinetics. The success of this private gym is based on the education and experience that Jackie has harvested over 30 years and his commitment to empower his clients with the knowledge that ensures success.

Jackie is an active member of the community and generously donates his skill and expertise to the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation each year at their “Spin for Life” fundraiser. He enthusiastically leads a group of over 300 riders throughout the day and has helped to raise over $100,000 at each event. He lives in the Akron, Ohio area with his wife and two children

Other Fitness Services Offered by Jackie:

*Corporate Wellness Programs
*Educational speaker
*Corporate classes
*Personal training
*Post rehabilitation
*Youth training

For more information on any program, please email or call us at 330-315-3937.

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